Does Arnab Goswami Called Sachin Tendulkar Anti-national On His Debate? #Fake News

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Arnab Goswami Called Sachin Tendulkar Anti-national #FakeNewsAlert
There is news which is now viral in the social media that Arnab called Sachin anti-national which is 100% a piece of fake news.

Yesterday on the prime time debate India watched a perfect example of “PUT WORDS IN SOMEONE’S MOUTH”.
Yesterday there was a debate show was held on the article which caravan magazine published on the caste of the martyred soldier in the Pulwama attack.

In which when Arnab asked specific questions to an ex AAP leader Ashutosh on the caravan article and the Pakistani doing press conference taking reference from that same article. Then see the below video how shamelessly this man diverted the whole debate from caravan magazine article to Sachin Tendulkar and he tried 100% to puts words in Arnab’s mouth. Watch full video now!

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