Font collection | Download 15000+ Latest Font collection Zip File

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download font collection zip

Font collection | Download 15000+ Latest Font collection Zip

Are you looking for large font collection for your pc?

If yes then here is the biggest collection of Cool fonts, Calligraphy fonts, Font design, Font design zip files which contains more than 50000+ great fonts.

Here we are providing you the best font collection available on the internet with more than 5000+ fonts ttf otf files in a zip folder. our team have cherry-picked the best fonts available on the internet, we are providing the best free fonts for the category mentioned below:-

  • Serif fonts
  • Sans-serif fonts
  • Display handwriting fonts 
  • Monospace fonts
  • Cool fonts
  • Calligraphy fonts
  • Font design
  • Wedding fonts
  • Photoshop fonts
  • Writing fonts
  • Creative fonts

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The whole zip file of font collection is divided into 4 folders namely A, B, C, D.

  • In A folder there are 4049 fonts
  • In B folder there are 4782 fonts
  • In C folder there are 6254 fonts
  • In D folder there are 2967 fonts

So you can select all right click and install all or you have a choice to manually choose the best you like from the large font collection provided to you by

Download Now !


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