How To Clone Apps On Android

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Nowadays there is very much need for multiple accounts in our daily online work, but some of them are only be created in the android apps, So for this, we need a good app cloner which can install the same app multiple times and keep them installed until whenever you want, So for this task App cloner is the best.

Steps For Cloning Apps On Android

  • So to do this you have to download App Cloner Premium version.
  • Play Store Link- Click Here
  • Please, remember premium version Of App Cloner is highly recommended.
  • It is available in google play store, or you can get it free by googling it.
  • Install the App and launch it !
  • Choose any app you want to make copies

Then you will number of settings like:-

  • Name
  • Clone Number
  • Change Icon Colour
  • Flip Icon
  • Rotate Icon
  • Add Badge
  • Replace Icon
  • And much more

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But the Neccesary tweaks are there in “Privacy Option” so go right there:-

  • Remove Permissions
  • Passeord-Protected Apps
  • Exclude From Recents
  • Auto Remove Recents
  • Incognito Mode
  • Change Android ID
  • Hide IMEI
  • Hide WIFI-MAC Address
  • Spoof Location
  • Prevent Screenshot
  • Disable Clipboard Access
  • Exit App On Screenshot
  • Request All Permission

These 4 are essential tweaks…
Just tick on these four and change icon color, after that click on tick mark to start clone and install now you have made a successful clone.

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    […] Also Read- How To Clone Apps On Android […]

  2. May 21, 2018

    […] Also Read- How To Clone Apps On Android […]

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