How To Create Paytm Merchant Account

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Now creating paytm merchant account is very easy, by this, you can easily take payment from your customer to your bank account without any addition charges.

For this you need a KYC Verified Paytm Account in which payment bank account is functioning, If you haven’t done KYC yet you can search for the nearest KYC point from the paytm app, and verify your paytm account and open a saving account.

Steps For creating paytm merchant account

  • After this go to this link, Then for confirmation, they will ask for the Pan or Aadhar number again.
  • Then they will ask for your Shop Name and ……. So the thing is that they are not Verifying, they are instantly opening the merchant account, So you fill any shop name.
  • Then after finishing, you will get open to download your store QR code.

Note- Any payment via QR code will be credited to your payment bank on the very next day after 12 am.
For tracking your settlement of your money you can download paytm business app, this app keeps track of your payment done by the QR code.

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  1. May 20, 2018

    […] Also Read- How To Create Paytm Merchant Account […]

  2. May 20, 2018

    […] Also Read- How To Create Paytm Merchant Account […]

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