Tipu Sultan A Freedom Fighter Or An Islamic Jihadi?

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tipu sultan a freedom fighter or an islamic jihadi?

Tipu Sultan a freedom fighter or an Islamic jihadi?

For few decades there is been going debate on tipu sultan’s image that Tipu Sultan was a great freedom fighter who fought for our great culture and state of India and died. Our mainstream education system as we all know is 100% selective and biased towards one side. So here we are with some questions and we will try to answer them with proofs.

  • Is Tipu Sultan was a great man that we should admire?
  • Is this man was really different from remaining other Mughal jihadis who unfortunately ruled India and killed, raped and destroyed temples?
  • What really these leftist scholars are hiding from us?
  • And If political parties of India in the name of vote bank politics and provoking Hindu sentiments?

Now we will discuss these things and we will prove you wrong and by seeing these proofs you will never dare to call this Islamic jihadi a freedom fighter.

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So, Here are some documentary proofs about Tipu Sultan :-

1) This Letter written by Tipu Sultan dated January 19, 1790, to Badroos Saman Khan: I have achieved a great victory recently in Malabar and 4 lakh Hindus were converted to Islam. 800 Temples destroyed. Tied Hindus to the legs of Elephants.

2) These are words of Taimur from his book ‘Tuzk-e-Taimuri’ where he describes with glee how he ordered the massacre of 1,00,000 Hindus in Delhi.


3) Manifesto of Tipu Sultan. A TERRIFYING proclamation calling for all Muslims to come together to convert infidels and wage Jihad. “Whoever refuses to obey would be treated as an accursed infidel”. [From Selected Letters of Tipu Sultan, W Kirkpatrick, 1811].

4) Tipu Sultan was OUTRAGED that some Muslim rulers weren’t following the tenets of Islam and had turned supporters of the infidels. ANNIHILATION of the infidels was a SACRED duty, he wrote admonishingly. [From, Selected Letters of Tipu Sultan.]

5) Tens of thousands of Hindus and Christians were FORCIBLY converted on the orders of Tipu. Here is Tipu Sultan in his own words. [From, Selected Letters of Tipu Sultan.]

6) The Hindus of Koorg suffered a particularly BRUTAL onslaught by Tipu Sultan, and in their thousands. Murders, tortures, forced conversions. No one was spared. Even dead Hindus were converted. Even dead Hindus. [From, Selected Letters of Tipu Sultan.]

So I think these much proofs are sufficient for any stable human being to understand to nature of this man, also you can understand this man was a pure Islamic jihadi who’s motive was to destroy Hindus civilization and all non-muslim which were ruled by him. Now I can say no self-respecting Hindu or any non-Muslims can justify his jihadi agenda and call this man a freedom fighter again. Now your job is to share this and make fellow Indian more aware about this Tipu Sultan.

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